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Suggestions and Directives for a fun event:

Visits with Santa must be managed by our staff or members of your event that needs to be trained to operate the event.


Once the visit if over, children should be escorted out of the way so that others can visit.


Dates and times are approved by Elves in charge of His schedule.

Fees are based portal to portal, which means time starts when Santa leaves his (local) location  until he returns to that location from the event. Flat rate fees are given as well.

An Elf can be available to help with additional set ups and props along with  back drops and other things you may need for a visit. IT is usually customary that a small gift be available for all visiting with Santa and can be provided by ELF Set Design or you. There is an additional charge for any items you request.

Also Santa has many suits so you can request either traditional, Long coat, Saint Nicholas or Special Parade suit.

All fees paid to local agent: JPM Productions, Inc.

In scheduling visits, YOU are responsible for all crowd control and Santa's visit.  Disruptive persons need to be removed from the area... and no loud voices or anything that would upset the Santa experience. No eating before or during a visit.

Again, an ELF or even Mrs. Claus can attend your event to assist with protocol. In setting up the visit, have a clear line coming to see Santa and a clear exit once the visit is completed.  Stanchions are a huge help in establishing this cue line.

SPECIAL REQUESTS should be directed to Santa, or his assistant, (prior) to the visit! We are happy to accommodate

Contrary to popular belief, Santa IS from the North Pole. It is cold at the Pole and Santa enjoys that climate. Any an all visits need to have room settings no higher than 68 degrees and cold (ice) water should be provided and presented on request by Santa. In some cases, additional fans can be provided.  NO OPEN Flames!

Thank you for your interest...

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